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Flat floor structure.  It conforms to ISO and is used for sea and inland tansportation.


ISO Code 12R1
Gross Weight (kg) 15,000
Tare Weight (kg) 1,500
Allowable Stacking Weight (kg) 192,000
Standard Standard: ISO668, ISO6346, ISO1161, ISO1496-2
Flat Floor.

Different Types of containers for multi business purposes

Singamas Group operates ten production factories in the PRC, producing dry freight containers, refrigerated containers, collapsible flatrack containers, bitutainer containers, tank containers, 53' US domestic containers, offshore containers, other specialized containers and container parts.

40' Reefer 40' Multi-modal transport Reefer 10.5m Wide Reefer Container 9780*3000*3200 Side Open 40' HC Reefer Container 20' HC Reefer Container 20' Reefer Container 10' Reefer Container