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Singamas is one of the world's leading container manufacturers and a major logistics operator in the Asian-Pacific region.

Singamas Group operates nine production factories in the PRC, distributed over Shanghai, Qidong, Ningbo, Qingdao, Xiamen, Huizhou, Yixing area, producing dry freight container, refrigerated containers, collapsible flatrack containers, bitutainer containers, tank containers, 53' US domestic containers, offshore containers, house containers, other specialized containers and container parts. Total annual production capacity is 850,000TEUS.

Depots and terminals

The Group’s depots and terminals cover a total area of about 1.2 million square meters with a daily storage capacity of 187,670 TEUs.

With a string of depots and terminals stretching from the northern PRC to Hong Kong, Singamas has formed a “chain-store” to further enhance its comprehensive depot/terminal network that enables the Group to provide integrated services to customers. Singamas strives to maintain its leading position in the container depot and terminal industry with its strong commitment to offering quality and comprehensive services to customers.

53'Special Container
850,000TEUs Of Total Annual
Production Capacity
1.2 million m2 Depots And Terminals
Cover Area
187,670TEUs Of Daily Storage Capacity